Revolutionizing chrome based automation with ease.


Worldwide Support

We support all Shopify sites around the globe, in addition to Supreme EU, SNKRS GB, and much more!


Receive access to our Discord server where you will receive around the clock support on how to fully utilize Xenon AIO. In addition, you will have access to all inclusive release info at your fingertips!

User Friendly

We designed Xenon AIO with the premise to be intuitive and easy to operate; our user-friendly interface allows for ease of use no matter your botting experience.

Unlimited Profiles & Tasks

Create unlimited profiles and easily switch between them. Easily import and export profiles with the click of a button. Xenon AIO offers you the ability to run multiple tasks among multiple chrome windows!

Lightning Fast

Set up, and sit back, through our full checkout automation you won’t need to lift a finger, as Xenon utilizes keywords, colours, sizes, and checkout delays to ensure the smoothest checkout.


We offer an array of checkout modes such as hybrid modes, browser modes, autocheckout modes, and more to ensure you are ready for every drop!


Xenon All-In-One

Chrome based automation made easy. Xenon AIO is the first of its kind fully automated All in one chrome extension that fully automates the checkout process.

Xenon Robotics

Lifetime License


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Xenon AIO?
Xenon AIO is $75 USD as a one time lifetime payment. Free updates of course!
Is my operating system supported?
Xenon AIO supports all operating systems, such as: Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, and more!
Are proxies required?
Proxies are not required, but are supported!
Are updates free of charge?
Yes, the lifetime charge covers all updates. Updates will be available via our exclusive discord server.
Do I need prior botting experience?
No! Xenon AIO is fit for beginners and veterans alike, with our user friendly user interface we ensure an easy setup.

Contact Us

Have any questions?

Feel free to send us a message, and we will reply within 24-48 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!